Irigoien Herrero

“Cyder House Cyder Natural


Formerly Astigarraga was a Santiago district and part of Asteasu village, but since January 26th 1660 it was erected as a independent village.
It has been always considered the cider town. The antiquity  of the apple in this province goes back to documents from the 1014 year; and the most antique places that existed in the oldest country houses demonstrate that the cider fabrication is of a very remote time.

Since the end of the 19th century, Astigarraga saw Irigoien cider house be born as a country house mainly destined to natual cider elaboration.
Since then 3 generations of a family have been taking relief,  being me myself, IÒaki Irigoien its actual owner.

By that time cider elaboration was made in almost every country house in Guipuzcoa.
Nevertheless, when the postwar arrived a big crisis around  the cider was generated because its elaboration and consumption decreased, even putting  its existence into danger. It was then when the country houses and cider producers from Astigarraga's surroundings saved the most traditional beverage in our history.

Our family cider house "Irigoien" was one of that cider houses that survived and fought  for the cider, maintaining its elaboration. During these bad years we saw ourselves forced  to have a second activity in order to subsist, the "blacksmith" one.  That's why Irigoien natural cider is also known as "HERRERO", (blacksmith in spanish), that is the name with which our older customers identify us.

The blacksmith activity continued until 1980 approximately, when we could live again exclusively of the cider elaboration and selling..

The good making and the recongnition of our sagardoa's quality obliged us to make a big effort to respond the increasing  demand of our cider, extending and improving our facilities. We inaugurated them in February 2003 at its present location ì Iparraguirre Bidea n∫ 12, ASTIGARRAGAî.

From its beginning we maintain the same suppliers, people from the area, mantaining the custom from generation to generation. This guarantees that year after  year a high percentage of  the used raw material , apart from being native, is of high quality.

Irigoien, attempting to pamper his faithful customers of so many years has always taken care of the details in the elaboration of his cider, starting with the selection of the apple and its mixed.

Irigoien cider house main feature  it's and has always been its traditional cider elaboration system, leaving aside modernities and fleeting fashions.